Our Process

J&P’s Process For Building Your Dream

At the beginning of every project we think it’s important to communicate with you so you understand our process of building your dream.  Communication is the foundation of understanding.  In order for us to translate your dream into specific plans we collaborate with you from day one on what exactly you want to accomplish.  From experience we know what important factors need to be nailed down from the beginning. Hopefully, you will find this section helpful in understanding what we do, how we do it, and the sequence that we follow while translating your dream into reality.

  1. Understanding Your Dream: We start with your vision of what you want to accomplish. Most of the time our customers have a clear idea of what they want to build.  If they don’t, we take time to direct them and to clarify their vision.
  2. Planning Your Dream: Depending on the complexity of your project, we may need you to provide us with detailed plans. This is particularly true when there are structural aspects to your project, such as building an addition on your home or remodeling work that effects load bearing walls in your home. If you already have an architect or engineer, we are happy to collaborate with them, and you, on developing your plans.  If you need a professional to help, we can refer you to licensed architects and engineers that we have worked with, know and trust.
  3. Budgeting: If your project has plans already drafted, we can use these to develop your project estimate.  Our quotes are valid for 30 days and we honor our quotes and will not ‘nickel and dime’ you as your project progresses.  If you make changes to the scope of work while your project is underway, we use “Change Orders” to document any deviations from the primary scope of work. This transparency gives you the cost of any changes or additions up front so you can sign off on them or have us take them out of the scope of work. The objective is to ensure you have no surprises on costs associated with your project.
  4. Terms:  We require a signed and dated agreement from you and a 50% deposit to schedule your work.  Your final invoice is due the day we clean up your job site and walk the job with you to be sure we complete all tasks in the scope of work.
  5. Schedule:  It is in our interest to complete your project on time and on budget. However, there are times that our production schedule is not linear.  We may have an emergency on another project or someone calls in sick.  Whenever there are schedule interruptions, we will communicate with you.  Sometimes there are material delays or scheduling challenges with subcontractors.  Again, we do our best to keep you informed so you can plan accordingly.
  6. Permits: J&P Services is licensed with several building authorities in Colorado. There are times when we encounter permit delays and  delays with building inspectors.  Again, while this is often out of our control, we do our best to keep you updated on permits and inspections are your project progresses.